Secaucus Town Flag

So, this was a pretty good story, I thought:


I wanted to build a flag, but I wanted to make the biggest one I’d ever made! The plan was to put it in front of my house to thank the first responders for all of there efforts during the Covid-19 response, and to hopefully cheer up the neighborhood.

Like any good story, there are always several twists…so here is what happened.

I built this flag and needed to assemble it in my driveway because of the huge size of it ( It’s 8′ x 12′).

It was actually so big that I was concerned it wasn’t going to fit in front of my house.

Now I needed to get the stars painted on. With some help from my wife, we managed to build a stencil big enough to make it work, and I managed to get them on.

Now I needed to figure out how to move it to the front of the house. I was by myself and it was way too heavy to move alone! So I left it where it was.


The following day I was doing some work in front of my house and a car passing by hit its breaks.  It was Mayor Gonnelli. He was in awe I guess over the size of the flag.  After a few minutes, he asked if I’d be willing to donate it so that he could move it to the center of town.  After some thought, I decided it would be an honor to see it displayed down there where all could see it.  Mayor Gonnelli told me we would talk about it tomorrow, and I was pretty excited by the idea.

The following morning my wife woke me up ( at like 7:00 a.m.) telling me there were people outside taking the flag. Of course I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what was going on!

That afternoon, I drove down to our local CVS and it had already been installed in front of our Town Museum and local Firehouse!

I was really excited to see it there! There was a great feeling of pride inside me knowing that something I had made took such a prominent position in town! More importantly, there was a hope that I could brighten peoples day!

The next day, I went to the center of town again, and the flag had a new sign on top of it.

The sign read, ” We Are All In This Together!”

and Man, we sure are!

Stay Safe All!

God Bless America!!

-Mark J. McFadden

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